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Stark Varg Motorcycles come with a flat rate shipping charge of $149, this fee applies to bikes delivered to our dealership or delivered directly to you. If you have previously ordered a bike online you can still have it shipped to us for assembly, the choice is yours !

Warranty Info

Stark Future offers a two year warranty on the Stark Vark Motorcycle, this does not include wearable items like brake pads and tires.

In the end we want happy customers and if we can help you in anyway to keep you riding we will do so within reason!

Parts Info

Stark Future has a detailed parts program available to its dealers, we are required to carry the basic wearable components, some parts can be ordered directly from the Stark Future App but buying directly from us helps support our business’ and keeps the best new products flowing your way !


Northern Ontario's E-Powersport Dealer Brings you the Stark Varg, We have Bikes on order, get yours sooner by pre-ordering with us. undoubtably the worlds most powerful and premium production electric dirt bike. Imagine the possibility to race a moto at a professional level then give the bike to a complete novice to learn the sport, a fully programable motorcycles allowing you to have full control over the power settings, adjusting engine braking and horsepower output on the fly. This bike is built from the ground up to not only compete with petrol bike but surpass their capability. The revolutionary design of this motorcycle allows it to have a minimalistic feel and relate closer to a pedal bike rather than your typical motorcycle. The bike comes with a stand that doubles as the charger and a premium tool kit that allows the owner to completely disassemble and reassemble the bike with out other tooling required. The pro Riders can expect 30 to 45 minutes run time on the track but for the other 98.5% of humanity we can expect ride times of 2 hours at an intermediate level and 3-4 hours at a novice or trail riding level.

"I have always imagined a dirt bike that would be programable, allowing the owner to have multiple riding styles and even the capability to upload the map of their favorite rider to see what their bikes feel like. The Stark Varg is the most technologically advance off road motorcycle ever produced and we are so glad to take part in the revolution, don't take my word for it just hit up Youtube "

Destiny Powersports


100+ Programable ride modes

Stark Android device included with the bike

Liquid cooled motor and controller 

Rapid battery charging 1-2 hours

30% more power than a Traditional 450 bike

Low center of gravity 

6.5kWh battery, Air cooled Magnisium case


Spring rates adjust from factory

2 Year warranty 


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