RXF Freeride Max 150


Shipping Info
These bikes require assembly and full PDI prior to pickup from the customer so we recommend pickup only for these bikes. However if you are unable to make it to us we have a Freight forwarding service that will transport fully assembled PDI completed bikes directly to you Canada wide, this is a premium service but available if you need it. With quality being on the top of our priority list we are required to complete the PDI in house on all bikes and will not sell bikes in the original packaging without PDI completed.
Warranty Info
Our bikes come with a 30 day fender to fender warranty, covering all original components from factory defects. Any abuse to the bike, intake of water or dirtl not be covered. Any warranty claims are subject to approval at the dealers discretion.

We do offer a 1 year extended fender to fender warranty for worry free operation of your Dirtbike. The extended warranty will cover all original components from factory defects. Any abuse to the bike or improper maintenance will void warranty.

In the end we want happy customers and if we can help you in anyway to keep your little guys riding we will do so within reason!

Parts Info
Apollo Motors has a great OEM parts support program based here in Canada with a fast $14.99 flat rate shipping service. We can ship direct to you or provide local pickup. Each motorcycle has a detailed parts breakdown to ensure all parts are made available to the customer.  Destiny Powersports is one of the only dealers to offer aftermarket parts support for Apollo Motorcycles making performance parts and upgrades available all in the same place. For parts support contact us today


Its quite simple, the RXF Free Ride 150 is an adult sized pit bike ready to trash around and blast the pit bike track, everything you ever wanted in a pit bike is built into this bike and best of all its truly a full size bike. New styling, Big tires, New experience.

New Forks: The RXF Free Ride models are equipped with new V-ONE Volt Suspension Hydraulic Forks with a length of 810mm. They are bigger than before going from 45mm / 48mm to 48mm / 51mm mounted on black forged aluminum trees, which are wider by 1cm providing more stability.

New Shock Absorber: The RXF Free Ride is equipped with the latest generation Volt Suspension V-FORCE adjustable compression shock, it was specially developed to allow the frame to benefit from the best traction to keep you driving forward

New aluminum quick throttle: Our RXF Open, Elite, Freeride and S versions are equipped with a new aluminum quick draw much more evolved, thanks to that you will have a much better answer for your acceleration.

The Volt Exhaust is a step above the competition for sure, from the stainless pipe and powerbomb header this thing has bark !

The 150cc motor is a kick start only motor with a manual cable clutch, the gear box remains a 4 speed. This motor has the ability to rev quickly and produce significant power, its hung low in the frame keep the CG down low, the serviceable air filter is ready to keep the intake air clean and ready to mix with that oh so sweet 91 octane !.

“The first time I tried the Free Ride 150 I instantly realized what it was intended for and it can only be described as thrashing around. Tonnes of torque lots of ground clearance aggressive bars it just screams adult pit bike, the pipe sounds soooo good its hard to believe its coming from a 150cc horizontal engine. No doubt about it if your looking for a blinged out pit bike for the big boys that can bash jumps and terrorize your riding buddy’s this is it”

Destiny Powersports


Stainless pipe, power bomb header

Durable chain and sprocket drive

Full size fun, compact 150cc motor

Built in hour meter for maintenance tracking

Cartridge style air filter for better engine protection

Hand clutch 4 speed manual transmission


Volt suspension with compression adjustment

Hydraulic disk brakes front and rear


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DRIVETRAIN: Rear 43 tooth, front 14 tooth
ENGINE TYPE: YTX Monocylinder 4T
COOLING: Oil Cooler
CYLINDER: 147,7cc
BORE: 56MM x 60MM
CARBURETOR: Molkt 26mm
CLUTCH: Multidisc wet clutch
IGNITION: CDI with microprocessor
TRANSMISSION: 4 gears (N-1-2-3-4)
FINAL TRANSMISSION: Chain 428 KMC Heavy duty


TRIPLE CLAMPS: Aluminium CNC 48mm/51mm
FRONT FORKS: Volt Suspension V-ONE 810mm
REAR SHOCK: Volt V-ONE 350mm
FRONT BRAKE: Disc Brake Caliper 220mm
REAR BRAKE: Disc Brake Caliper 190mm
FRONT WHEEL: Steel rim 19”
REAR WHEEL: Steel hub 16”
HANDLEBAR: 28,6mm steel
FRAME: Frame central tubular in profiled tubes
GRIPS: Apollo AM deisgn


SEAT HIGHT: 910mm / 35.82 inch
WHEELBASE: 1300mm ±10 mm / 51.18 inch
GROUND CLEARANCE: 370mm / 14.56 inch
WEIGHT: 78KG / 171 lbs

Maintenance items

Engine oil type : 10w40 non synthetic
oil change intervals :
10 to 20 hours
break in period : 10 hours
tire air pressure :
Front- 15psi  Rear-18psi



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