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These bikes require assembly and full PDI prior to pickup from the customer so we recommend pickup only for these bikes. However if you are unable to make it to us we have a Freight forwarding service that will transport fully assembled PDI completed bikes directly to you Canada wide, this is a premium service but available if you need it. With quality being on the top of our priority list we are required to complete the PDI in house on all bikes and will not sell bikes in the original packaging without PDI completed.

Warranty Info

Our bikes come with a 6 month part warranty, covering all original components from factory defects. Any abuse to the bike, intake of water or dirtl not be covered. Any warranty claims are subject to approval at the dealers discretion.

We do offer  extended fender to fender warranty option for worry free operation of your Dirtbike. The extended warranty will cover all original components from factory defects. Any abuse to the bike or improper maintenance will void warranty.

In the end we want happy customers and if we can help you in anyway to keep your little guys riding we will do so within reason!

Parts Info

Kove Canada has a great OEM parts support program based here in Canada . We can ship direct to you or provide local pickup. Each motorcycle has a detailed parts breakdown to ensure all parts are made available to the customer.  Destiny Powersports is one of the only dealers to offer aftermarket parts support for Kove Motorcycles making performance parts and upgrades available all in the same place. For parts support contact us today


The KOVE 450R Rally, is a competitive, lightweight, and long-range rally bike. The KOVE 450R Rally is the first ever mass-produced “Dakar Rally” type motorcycle in the world.

Looking for a refreshing alternative to heavy adventure motorcycles or dissatisfied with the limited range of your typical dirt bike? You’ve been making your voices heard, and now we’re thrilled to introduce the KOVE 450R Rally! We’ve carefully handpicked premium components and parts from across the globe to craft the exceptional 450R Rally for you!

The powerplant at the heart of this machine is a finely tuned, counterbalanced Zongshen 450 engine, featuring an entirely new top-end unlike any other. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its reliability.

Created over the course of three years, this isn’t just another replica rally bike; the KOVE 450 Rally is a genuine article, crafted for racing. With a double overhead cam, high-performance exhaust, and specially designed manifolds, its engine delivers outstanding power, smoothness, and mechanical quietness.

The KOVE 450 Rally is engineered for competition. It’s a meticulously fine-tuned, proven, and tested motorcycle meant for events like the Dakar Rally or other equivalent races. The release of such a high-spec machine is a rare occurrence. While it’s not intended for leisurely trail riding, it’s undoubtedly capable of handling it with ease. The three-year development process for the engine and entire bike reflects a commitment to quality.

These motorcycles cater to a specific niche and may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you’re on the hunt for the ultimate lightweight, long-range race adventure bike, the KOVE 450R Rally is your perfect match!


450 EFI 6-speed engine

handle bar controled LCD Display

Over 8 gallons of fuel capacity (over 300 miles)


Over sized Fully adjustable suspension

Rubber damper mounted  handlebars and rear hub

Nissin front and rear hydraulic disc brakes


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