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These bikes require assembly and full PDI prior to pickup from the customer so we recommend pickup only for these bikes. However if you are unable to make it to us we have a Freight forwarding service that will transport fully assembled PDI completed bikes directly to you Canada wide, this is a premium service but available if you need it. With quality being on the top of our priority list we are required to complete the PDI in house on all bikes and will not sell bikes in the original packaging without PDI completed.
Warranty Info
Our bikes come with a 30 day fender to fender warranty, covering all original components from factory defects. Any abuse to the bike, intake of water or dirtl not be covered. Any warranty claims are subject to approval at the dealers discretion.

We do offer a 1 year extended fender to fender warranty for worry free operation of your Dirtbike. The extended warranty will cover all original components from factory defects. Any abuse to the bike or improper maintenance will void warranty.

In the end we want happy customers and if we can help you in anyway to keep your little guys riding we will do so within reason!

Parts Info

Apollo Motors has a great OEM parts support program based here in Canada with a fast $14.99 flat rate shipping service. We can ship direct to you or provide local pickup. Each motorcycle has a detailed parts breakdown to ensure all parts are made available to the customer.  Destiny Powersports is one of the only dealers to offer aftermarket parts support for Apollo Motorcycles making performance parts and upgrades available all in the same place. For parts support contact us today


Light, maneuverable and very capable, the Apollo RXF Rocket dirt bike is perfect for children from 7 to 12 years old.

Before we jump into it lets quickly discuss the difference between the 1000w Rocket and the 1300w Rocket. The 1300w Rocket uses mostly the same components as the 1000w for example frame, seat, handle bars controls…ect they do differ however in wheel size, swing arm and front fork length. The 1300w has a larger battery and controller, 48 volt vs 36 volt in 1000w, higher seat height of 1 and 1/2 inch and 10klm-h more top speed. 1000w brakes are cable and the 1300w is hydraulic

Ideal for first time riders, this bike is equipped with a potentiometer that can adjust the acceleration, the speed as well as the reaction time, disc brakes (front / rear) for strong breaking performance with built in safety interlocks designed to cut out the motor when brakes are applied.

This bike is equipped with a powerful 1300w motor, and  quality lithium ion battery for long lasting performance. The suspension far exceeds the offerings from many Japanese youth bikes keeping the tires in traction. Full size off road tires with deep lugs ready for the rough stuff.

Battery life is always a hot topic and we have learned a thing or two this season running these bikes ourselves. During consistent trail riding you can expect 1h45min and if you are in a single location with stop and go riding you can expect a few hours. Rider weight plays a big factor as well. Check back in with us as a extended life battery option is coming soon

Maintenance is a breeze with youth electric bikes, no gummed up carbs, leaking fuel, oil changes, bikes can be stored inside the house don’t stink and can even be laid on their side for transport. Oh yeah and their lighter than the gas equivalent by a long shot.

The #1 most importance feature parents need to focus on aside from safety is confidence building. these bikes make climbing hills easier, going through mud effortless and crossing obstacles smooth and predictable, we have observed many first time riders excel on electric bikes over the gas counterparts. This gets kids wanting to ride and enjoying the new life long passion they unknowingly signed up for

If your still skeptical and wondering if this bikes right for your little ones check out some of the video below on Destiny YouTube channel, ask questions and be sure to do your own research prior to buying any bike !

We will continue to update this product page to include any recommended parts, upgrades and important information you need to know

Destiny Powersports


Motorcycle for beginners, Age group 7 to 12 

Powerful and robust 1300w motor

12-inch rear and 14-inch front wheels

Potentiometer can adjust both acceleration, top speed (up to 40KM / H) as well as throttle grip reaction time

Inverted fork
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Power system

MOTOR TYPE : DC Electric 1300W
SPEED CONTROL : Electronic dimmer
AUTONOMY : 1h30 to 2h
BATTERY : 48V 3x 13ah
MAXIMUM SPEED : Adjustable up to 40KM / H


FRONT SUSPENSION : Inverted fork
REAR SUSPENSION : Adjustable shock absorber
SWINGARM : Cross steel
FRONT WHEEL : 2.5 x 14 “
REAR WHEEL : 3.0 x 12 “
FRAME : Double beam – Tubular steel


SEAT HEIGHT : 680mm / 26 3/4 inch
WEIGHT : 45KG / 99 Lb
MAX LOAD : 65KG / 143 Lb


1 review for Apollo Rocket 1300

  1. Josh

    Picked up the 1300w for my 9 yr old god daughter and could not be more pleased. Being an experienced rider myself I can see how easy it has been for her to learn on.

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